4th of July in Manila?

Thailand only allows tourists to stay in the country 30 days. So on our 30th day we boarded a flight to Manila so Peter could meet-up with his team of designers, developers and marketers.  This 3.5 hour flight was something I was getting very use to.

We managed to grab this almost rainbow-like sunset on our descent.


Nothing too bold occurred on this trip.

As usual we checked into one of our favorite hotels—The Peninsula.  Peter met with his staff during the days.  I hit the gym, blogged, and explored the nearby Greenbelts for window shopping and people watching.

We discovered a new favorite brunch spot within walking distance of our hotel, Wildflour Cafe and Bakery.  I always take great delight in finding a great place for brunch.  Because brunch is fun.
















Is that baked macaroni and cheese in the above picture? Yep!

We also discovered a park with my name.  Basically an anomaly.  It’s the odd spelling. Peter never wants to take pictures but was incessant on this one.


We ate spaghetti bolognese in the lobby restaurant of the Peninsula. RIP Tod.

IMG_2012 IMG_2014

And Gelato.
















Remember the aforementioned gym I was hitting? Good thing I was with all the eating we did while in Manila.

We bought facial sheet masks and beautified ourselves at night, in robes.

photo (8)















Our trip to Manila fell during the 4th of July so we wanted to do something really American.  Like beer bong and BBQ.  Instead we watched Terminator in 3D and hit up Chili’s afterwards.  The chips and salsa might not be American, but whatever it’s served bottomless and it’s so good.
















One really pleasantly surprising thing that happened was that my blog began getting 300-400 hits per day.  I started this blog mainly for a keepsake to capture this unique time in our lives, and place for our friends and family to follow along if they wanted.  It’s certainly not an exorbitant amount of visitors, but I was still humbled and flattered by that number.   Especially as I write this really boring and uninformative post about Manila.

However it does get more exciting on our next adventure back to Bangkok where we are joined by Andrew.  He always adds elements of interesting, fun, and sometimes absurdity to our travels.

Sending good vibes to all you beautiful people.